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Your ticket giving exact time and place of departure will be sent to you approximately one week prior to departure. At the same time you will receive your luggage labels.

To help your holiday planning, proposed pick up times are indicated in this brochure but please ensure you check the final details as stated on your ticket.

 Whilst we encourage hotels to provide some entertainment, the type and amount of entertainment is at the discretion of the management, will vary from hotel to hotel and may be dependent on numbers staying at the hotel.

Personal Belongings     Satisfaction Cards
 Please, please, double check you have all your personal belongings gathered together before you vacate the hotel and before you leave the coach as returning items to customers is, at best, both difficult and expensive and, at worst, sadly some items are 'lost forever'.       When we send your tickets we include a satisfaction card which we hope you will complete and return to us at the end of your holiday. There is no postage charge for the sender. Whilst all cards are carefully scrutinised and help us a great deal in maintaining and improving standards we do not send acknowledgement of receipt of your card.

Meals En-Route      Party Bookings
 Whilst we do not include meals en-route, when appropriate we will make stops where snacks/meals can be purchased.       

For 2005 we have savings available for party bookings when all travel together on the same date on a tour from our brochure.

Number in party
15 – 25 adults
½ free place
26 – 35 adults
1 free place
36 – 45 adults
1½ free places
46 – 53 adults
2 free places

Free places apply to the basic holiday cost only. Supplements and holiday insurance premium as appropriate are charged in full for all persons booked. Party booking discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer.

Return Journey   
 Exact time of arrival home can vary owing to weather, traffic conditions etc. If you are arranging for someone to collect you on return, we suggest you ask the driver at the last tea/toilet stop on the way back, and telephone ahead.     

Hotels on the Continent  
 For hotels on the Continent, we use local ratings, which can vary from country to country. Generally meals on the Continent will reflect local cuisine. Continental breakfast is usually a croissant or roll and coffee, whilst buffet breakfast includes a selection of meats and cheeses. Dinner at hotels on the Continent may include a set menu or limited choice.  

Booking Conditions       
 Full details of our booking conditions can be found on the reverse of our Booking Form, our Booking Confirmation and Invoice, or here.